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🕒 Obsolete This guy refuses to make playermodels out of Arab citizens from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Father Anderson

First Citizen
Staff member
Jan 1, 2009
United States

Pictured above: The author of an addon on the Steam Community's Garry's Mod Workshop becomes irritated and quickly aggravated as he is given advice and a request that his ragdolls should be playermodels, or else it should be specified that they are not playermodels. As he is launched into a frenzy and state of rage, he becomes irrational and red in the face.

We should post on his addon to aggravate him about playermodels since his reaction is so
disproportionately emotional and negative!

Prince Kassad

Experienced Citizen
Staff member
Jul 31, 2013
United States, Ohio
We don't need him , he doesn't even know how to model, and probably simply ported theses ragdolls from another game. Me and my team are currently working on the whole model pack which should be done by sometime next week.

Prince Kassad.