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Dr. Connors

Nov 17, 2019
United States
Elevator Tool For base building

H0L- D4: Holographic Heads Up Display for the job lambda agent fancy hud that you can enable or disable if you choose to

Visual Assistant for the job lambda agent visual icons that depend on damage and type and if your alive or not

HEV Suit Sound Assistant for the job lambda agent , This makes your suit say ammunition depleated or emergecy user death imminent

Optical Camo | Camouflage optique (Invisibility SWEP)for the job assassin because in hl they in some cases do go invisible and ps the weapon can only be active while holding it
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Staff member
Nov 7, 2019
It would be great if you could elaborate on what these sweps/addons do. I was somewhat confused about what they carry out.

Agent of Corruption

Director General of the Cyber Police
Staff member
Dec 5, 2015
United States
I take it you like the Half-Life/Black Mesa jobs, lol. All of these are doable (assuming they don't already exist, if they do, even easier, lol) and we would definitely be interested in adding some of this. However, we are pretty focused on some of the bigger items like the economy & other server content (which is missing quite a bit and is very unbalanced at the moment), the map (nowhere near done, we got a lot of work to do here), and the website/community basic infrastructure (getting the website to a more stable place, developing a more comprehensive list and explanation of rules and policies, staff applications is a clusterfuck, and more). So until the big ticket items are dealt with, we don't have a whole lot of time for the smaller "quality of life" improvements yet, but hopefully we will soon.