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UndertaleRP Administration Views and Policies

It is increasingly clear that there is a lot of uncertainty regarding how the server’s rules work, how they should be enforced, and what we expect from the community’s volunteer staff members. This will attempt to explain and address that as best we can.


The Republic Community and UndertaleRP aren’t commercial enterprises, they are a community and community endeavor respectively. What that means is none of this is meant to make money. We do accept donations and over the course of UTRP’s and the Republic’s lifetimes, we have received quite a few. However, we have never made a profit. These donations help supplement the more than four thousand dollars Smurf has spent for the community over the past 5 years. They are then used to help Smurf pay for servers, SSL certificates, scripts (we try to make as much as we can ourselves, but Glen, Smurf, and I only have so much free time), other proprietary software, and more. The point is that we aren’t running the Republic and projects like UTRP for financial gain. Most of us have jobs (such as Glen, and Smurf) or other things in our lives, and when we come home, we do this for fun and out of a passion for it, same as most of you.

UndertaleRP has been around for around 3 years which is quite a lot longer than most Garry’s Mod servers. At that time we have all done our best to keep the server stable, fair, and fun. It’s a lot easier said than done and we all are human, but we have tried to make UTRP a casual fun server for role-playing Undertale, doing silly stuff with PAC3, and other fun and mayhem.

Administrative Philosophy:

We aren’t big on strict rules. This is a game server. Keyword being game. We are all here to play a game and have fun, not to try to satisfy pointless annoying rules or spend an hour in some boring and bureaucratic “admin sit”. The purpose of any enforcement of rules should be to keep the server fun and mostly fair for all the players and keep the server stable (online and playable). The staff is the referees of the server. It is their job to do just that. They need to make appropriate decisions to handle situations that are unfair, unfun, or otherwise problematic to the server. If the action in question is deserving, staff can issue warnings. These warnings not only serve a permanent warning, but they also are a trigger for disciplinary action as multiple warnings within a reasonable time period results in the automatic escalation to kicks or bans.

Anytime there is an issue that can’t be easily addressed or a player disagrees with an admin over the rules or someone needs clarification, it should be referred to the forums or at the very least, the Discord. Bans are heavily frowned upon and are used as tools of last resort.

Expectations for the Staff:

Our standards are rather lax. This isn’t a job. None of us are getting paid for this. We do this for fun. This isn’t always easy, but you should enjoy doing it. If you don’t like doing it, then quit. Anyone can figure out how to use ULX or check a logging system. What we look for is people who actually give a shit and who aren’t in it for the power of other players. Staff ranks are a measure of trust. The powers with it are given for the competency and passion you have demonstrated. These ranks aren’t a status symbol. Staff members can do a lot from running events for people to participate in to just screwing around with the commands and weapons with friends and other staff members. However, the one thing you can’t do is abuse your position.

Abuse is when you utilize your admin tools and powers to give an unfair advantage to you or your friends or otherwise make the server unfair, unfun, or unstable. Commands like the ability to set your HP, for example, aren’t meant for you to get 1000 HP without buying food from F4 when you are playing with normal users. You can do so while running events, or screwing with other admins and friends who are okay with it, or resetting the health of someone who was unfairly hurt (attempted RDM or etc), but not when you are playing with normal people who don’t have that advantage. The same goes for other commands and spawning weapons.

That’s not to say it is always inappropriate to use commands while role-playing. As long as you aren’t giving an unfair advantage to anyone, careful usage of commands can be acceptable when it promotes fairness and fun. You can bypass a job limit and change someone to that job with the ulx job command if it doesn’t cause problems or spawn in a Piano for yours or someone else’s orchestra or etcetera. As long as it doesn’t ruin the experience for people who just want to roleplay. Basically, don’t be that admin who switches to Chara or something, spawns a sniper, sets their health and armor, and kills a bunch of people. This is a casual role-play server, not a competitive CS GO or TDM server.

We don’t like demoting people. We just want to keep UTRP fun and fair. However, we will do so if we need to.

Standards and Rules Examples

As discussed above, generally if it is unfair, unfun, or destabilizing, it’s not allowed. So here some explanations and examples of what is and isn't allowed and why?

General Guideline: If it’s making everyone pissed or even causing some people to rage quit, it’s toxic and should likely be stopped.

Adverting Raid/Mug/Kidnap/Terror: Yes, You must advert before activity doing what your intentions were such as raiding someones base , doing terror to the city , kidnapping or simply mugging.

Raiding/Mugging/Kidnapping: Then as long as it's fair (e.g. don’t raid them when they are building, don’t raid the same people repeatedly, and more), role-play it. Sneak into their house/base or stick them up. Ideally, don’t just shoot people. The same goes for mugging and kidnapping. Additionally, for kidnapping, don’t hold onto people for absurd lengths of time. If it’s not fun for both the captor and captive, kill them or let them go, don’t make people miserable.

FailRP: No, FailRP is stupid and doesn’t make sense in the way it is used in most RP servers. Just because someone has a gun pointed at you or demands that you do something doesn’t mean that’s your only option. There are cases where people exploiting out of role-playing mechanics or behaviors should be handled such as someone exploiting the suicide command, kill, to avoid consequences for their actions (e.g. suiciding when people are trying to arrest you), but it has to be something that is completely beyond the fair game. Mic spamming, failing to comply with some stupid ass mug, using a silly name, and more are all fair game until it becomes toxic to the server and its players.

Respect/Staff Disrespect: You aren’t required to like or respect other people, not even us. Players can disagree and disrespect staff members and other players as long as it isn’t harassment or otherwise toxic to the fairness, fun, and stability of the server. Players must still follow the directives of the staff members, but they can try to talk to a superior and they definitely can post a complaint or appeal on the forum.

Harassment: Insulting you or disagreeing with you is not harassment. It is only harassment when it is repeated and constant and you aren’t engaging too. So if you someone keeps following/attacking/killing you with the intent to bug or irritate you or they are otherwise aggressively going after you outside the bounds of what is appropriate in RP for a protracted period of time and you have been trying to disengage, it is harassment. If someone disagrees with you and insults you, that’s not enough to be considered harassment.

Racism/Sexism/Other Offensive Stuff: This isn’t the Third Reich or the U.S.S.R. and we do not censor stuff according to our individual political sensitivities. This is the internet and people may say things that offend you. This can be discouraged, but unless it is toxic to the point it majorly affects the fun, fairness, and stability of the server, it should be allowed. So remove and punish revolting crap like gore or inappropriate images of kids, but don’t warn or ban a guy for building a dildo or saying the n-word. This is the internet, not your middle school.

Admin Broadcast Tools (sans, toriel, flowey, psa, etc): These are to be used for broadcasting information about events, significant role-play information, and other relevant information to all players. DO NOT USE THEM TO TALK TO ONLY SPECIFIC PEOPLE OR HAVE A CONVERSATION. Use it sparingly, not every 5 seconds. The sound and the text can get annoying really fast when it is overused.

New Life Rule: Use common sense. You shouldn't start immediately return and start attacking someone who killed you since it is unfair to the player who killed them (assuming you were killed fair and square), but this isn’t to be strictly enforced unless it’s causing problems and making things unfair and unfun.

RDM and RDM Classes: Being Chara doesn’t mean you should shoot someone across the map on a given interval. At the beginning of the actual game, Flowey doesn’t murder the player with a sniper rifle. Instead, Flowey tricks and manipulates the player. This is not a Team Deathmatch server. You are supposed to role-play. Either way, do not kill the same player(s) over and over again as it is unfair and qualifies as harassment. This is a casual RP server, not Counter-Strike.
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