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🛑 Cancelled staff application

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May 14, 2019
Your RP (In-Game) Name:kir by

Your Steam Name:eversor21

Your Real Name *Just First Name*:Zack

Your SteamID:76561197974287971

Where are you from (Country)?:U.S.A

What is your current time zone?: PST

How old are you?:12 (sorry, might be underage.)

Have you ever been an administrator/position of rank on our/another server?:Yes.

What is your playtime on the Server?:Well, I used to have 100+ hours, but the UTRP server got replaced by a DarkRP server.

How many warns do you have total + active warns?:Whoo, boy, uh, 0 active, 21 total.

Are you sure you're applying for the right reason?:no

Why should we accept your application over other clients?: I don't see a reason to accept my application over others.

Do you have Discord?:Y e s .

Have you ever been kicked or banned on our server or any?:yes.

Do you have a Microphone?:no.

How many hours can you be on in a week?:4-5 hrs a week.

Can you do anything else for UnderuneRP?:Oh boy, uh, I sure hope so.

Do you meet all the requirements?:Absolutely not, because I might be underage for this.

Other information you would like to tell us?:I regret my mistakes from the previous time I was moderating, such as abusing my powers, and selling admin weapons, and so on.


Q 1: What is RDM? RDM is Random Deathmatch.

Q 2: What is RDA? Random Arrest

Q 3: What is FailRP?FailRP is when someone per say, changes jobs just to do one thing, and then changes back.

Q 4: What do you do if a player randomly kills two other players? Warn for RDM x2

Q 5: What do you do if a player prop climbs? Tell the player to stop because it's i l l e g a l .

Q 6: What should happen if a player commits FailRP?
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Mr. Bumble
🚫 Banned
Nov 13, 2019
Taking a glance over this, the staff app can be written better and can be improved upon. You need to fill in more info. What did you regret about your previous staffing position? Why do you not meet the requirements? Spelling needs to be improved on this.

Summary: Not a good candidate for staff

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