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🛑 Cancelled staff application (returning)

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the friendly medic

New Citizen
Jan 20, 2019
Your RP (In-Game) Name:GreatFriendlyMedic

Your Steam Name:TheGreatFriendlyMedic

Your Real Name *Just First Name*:Ian

Your SteamID:thegreatfriendlyengineer

Where are you from (Country)?:united states

What is your current time zone?:1:55

How old are you?:13

Have you ever been an administrator/position of rank on our/another server?:no

What is your playtime on the Server? (1-2 Days Preferred):1

How many warns do you have total + active warns?:4-5

Are you sure you're applying for the right reason?:yes

Why should we accept your application (minimum 50 words)?:because i would like to help and do the right thing to other people like give them a warning if their not chara and RDMing people or stop the lag if needed or show people other things like aftertale sans and others that I can not think of.

Do you have Discord?:no

Have you ever been kicked or banned on our server or any(If so, why)?: if been banned for not getting out of a persons house they banned me for a day.

Do you have a Microphone?:yes

How many hours can you be on in a week?: more then 24 hours

Can you do anything else for UndertaleRP?:team fortress 2

Do you meet all the requirements?:yes

Other information you would like to tell us (Optional)?:no


Q 1: What Is RDM? (Leave an example):killing people as frisk or other roles that are not chara

Q 2: What Is RDA? (Leave an example):arresting people for no reason.

Q 3: What Is FailRP? (Leave an example):someone is prop block when they stole from the bank to run away.

Q 4: What do you do if a player randomly kills two other players? (2-5 sentences):you find where they are and freeze them. you talk to them and say why they did it than warn them.

Q 5: What do you do if a player prop climbs? (2-5 sentences): tell them to not do it any more than remove all the stuff that they placed there. after that you give them a warning if it was very bad.

Q 6: What should happen if a player commits FailRP? (2-5 sentences):if they are doing a failRP freeze them then go to the sit area. after that tell them why they did it then warn or not them

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