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👉🏻 Rejected with instructions Spectre1122YT application

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New Citizen
Oct 24, 2018
Application 2 for undertalerp! for mod or admin!
In Game Name: 🔻 Spectre1122YT 🔻

Steam Name:🔻 Spectre1122YT 🔻

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:213427466

Steam Account Link:

Do you have a microphone: yes, an HyperX micro that is an headset of an micro on a headphone. (It broke now so I use my webcam mic but it's good)

Time Zone: HAE or Toronto ON hours, its in Canada. (Quebec hours are the same with Ontario)

Do you have TeamSpeak3: No, But i do have discord, skype and i am in the group of discord/steam.

How long have you been on the server: My time has been resetted but the thing is that ive been here with the old map with the black lobby with the white portals you go in.

What positions have you held in past communities: Member of the server.

Do you know ULX commands: Yes, to use those i do the ulx menu command, !menu . i do it silently by doing the command !menu in the console and not the chat so no one can see it.

Explain what RDM is: RDM is like freekill, you killing someone for no reason but its doing it without being in an rdm job (an job that can freekill).The rdm job can rdm each 5 mins.

Explain what NLR is: New Life Rule, but nlr is mostly do not come back where you died for 5 mins

Explain what a minge is: A minge, someone who is minging is someone that is trolling everyone by not respecting alot of the server rules, mostly mast rdmers.

My previous name was, Spectre1122YT, Spectre1122YT and Pac 3 Master, etc...

And if an admin or another of staff would abuse his rank (kill everyone with an command, give himself over the permitted hp (1000), give himself weapons that normal players can and give himself money i would report this to the online owners or higher staff.)
Old Staff Application format.
Reapply with the new application format if possible.
Not open for further replies.