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🛑 Cancelled ShadowWolfy's Application

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Jul 9, 2019
Real life name is Wiktor.

Real life chronological age is 13 years.

Real life location is Poland.

Real life timezone is UTC +2.

In-game name is ShadowWolf.

SteamID (Generic) is STEAM_0:0:101395249.

First encounter with UndertaleRP was on May 5, 2018

In-game hours played is 85 hours.

The reason I wish to become a Staff Member is because I love responsibility. I want to be staff to help the server with getting rid of minges and mass rdmers. I can't say how many times I've seen people Mass RDMing everyone in snowdin without any staff on the server. I also want to help the server grow and expand. I love playing on this server and I love the community too. The players were very nice to me when I first joined the server. If my application will be denied I will be a little dissapointed, but I will accept it, stay user and keep playing on the server.​

Staff disrespect I would ask them to stop harrasing me and if they wouldn't stop disrespecting me I would warn them for excessive violence.

Minor offense
I would warn them with !warn.
Closing statement
I'm not really sure what to put here but I have prior experience in being staff, I have been staff on two servers, one of which was a sandbox server and the other a darkrp server. I'm sure that I have the passion and the ambition to become a good Staff Member.
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