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Dr. Connors

Nov 17, 2019
United States
since I don't know what happens <yet > when the player is found by officer dan, sequences goes as so: dan Don't give up on me no-doc < officer gets an hev compliant Defibulator and connects it to the Hev med port> <PLAYER> at this point the player is going in to shock, have the vitals signs be like flatline 2 partial flatline and another 4 or 5 beeps since in the ending the suit say "H.E.V. Critical failure failure: idea have the suit be malfunctioning like the Hev zombie sounds or make your own, the suit is temp damaged and so repair kit is needed and MK IV user Mantaince manual, even after the suit fixed it still is not fully functional HUD will at times be spazzing out, and or Completely off the as on the Hev suit container control panel you see Endoskeletal Movement system >aka lets you be quick boi and move easier, have it go offline at points making the player with out ability to move to evade and defend themself and cant realy move because the suit is canon Heavy as hell
officer dan: ah shit the medkit is nearly depleted, well this will have to do < officer dan> inserts the medkits connection plug into the suits med port and then <note I forgot to mention that officer Daniels will need a carry harness or tow rope or somthing> Officer dan: good god your heavy doc < officer dan > then attaches player by a harness that you get in Phase II, to his harness, the player wakes up while being taken to safety < PLAYER has amnesia > <Officer Daniels > Gets player to a scientist with medical specialty, the player is taken to a triage bay for med attention <note suit was taken off by scientist and placed in an in a sitting position,<Player has amnesia and does not remember how to put on the HEV properly Insert comical animation of our favorite Dr. Conners being a dingleberry and attempting to figure out how to put it on ps ill draw I a diagram of how I think it is put on. meanwhile, officer daniels is Lmao at the scene conners is making <Scientist ( insert name here)>: stop that points at daniels this is not a laughing matter officer! , scientist says he has seen how to start the suit and how it is put on tells the player how to do it animated suit up sequence here, a while later officer daniels says there's your equipment there go get it, <player gets glock> sequence goes as so ahead crab breaks through a vent and is afront of the player, the player then will try to shoot <note 1 round was in the barrel for this > player goes for the shot < animation here arms sway and miss then they go back to fire again (click click ) no ammunition, officer daniels steps in and kills the headcrab <officer daniels hey maybe you should have one of these in that (brandishes a magazine ) player grabs loads it, sequence end, this is how the amnesia comes in to play, later on, there are two paths 1. never attempted to remember past 2. Back to the Hazard course < chapter name if the route is taken, more suggestions soon ! ~