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Update: I was never a part of a server take over nor do I believe I was on during the date of "1/12/20" as I was being a part of a different server. This also raises the question of "If you knew I was and had my Steam I.D, why wouldn't you ban me right away?" If you knew I was a part of this "takeover" then why wouldn't you ban the I.D and be done with it. You're incorrect in saying I was a part of this take over. Along with that, if you knew I was a part of it you would have probably told the staff team about me and how I was a part of it. Which means, if I was a member of this take over and not banned. I would have been banned on sight by Driskie, Dizzy, Vegito, and likely the rest of the staff team. You are incorrect in saying I'm a part of this "takeover".

Addition Notes: I have spoken to a staff member recently (They'll remain anonymous.) Who has claimed the same situation as me who was said to be a part of the takeover. From what it seems, they're still staff right now and even on the server as I'm typing this. (5:30PM)

In-game name: Faded Title

Staff member who banned you: Unknown/Console

When were you banned: 2/8/2020

Ban Reason: No Reason given.

What happened? (include any proof if possible): I was on the UTRP server. Being nice and casually chatting and RPing with people. I was going to join an event but was banned not once, but twice. The first being revoked only to be reinstated instantly. I have done absolutely nothing wrong. You can ask Vegito and Driskie. I have not done ANYTHING wrong during the time back on the server. If this is the result of past events, let it go and be professional.

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Faded was actually trying to assist me in a event that was cancelled because we couldn't set it up right i think he should be unbanned and given another chance he hasn't been a issue to me or anyone else here


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Faded is an alt of an already banned user not to mention his old alis which is "Seth Wilson".

Seth was creating overall drama as-well for slandering the community as-well for a number of staff members!

User will not be unbanned "Denied"
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