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New Citizen
Jan 10, 2019
Your RP (In-Game) Name:One Furry Boi UwU

Your Steam Name: OneFurryBoiOwO

Your Real Name *Just First Name*: Alex

Your SteamID: 76561198149760384

Where are you from (Country)?: UK

What is your current time zone?: GMT

How old are you?: 18

Have you ever been an administrator/position of rank on our/another server?: Yes, on the previous undertalerp server

What is your playtime on the Server?: 300+ hours on old server, 6 hours on new server

How many warns do you have total + active warns?: 0

Are you sure you're applying for the right reason?: yes, i am.
Why should we accept your application over other clients?:I have a significant amount of previous experience

Do you have Discord?:yes.

Have you ever been kicked or banned on our server or any?: no

Do you have a Microphone?: yes

How many hours can you be on in a week?: 20-35

Can you do anything else for UnderuneRP?: I can try and get more people to join

Do you meet all the requirements?: I believe so, yes

Other information you would like to tell us?: i have previous experience as staff on the old undertalerp server


Q 1: What is RDM? Random death match. When an individual kills another player without a justifiable rp reason.

Q 2: What is RDA? Random arrest. when somebody in a police role arrests another player without a justifiable rp reason.

Q 3: What is FailRP? When a player fails to stick to their rp role E.g when someone uses ooc info in their rp role.

Q 4: What do you do if a player randomly kills two other players? first, jail them, preferably in a place away from crowds, warn them if necessary, and if they do it repeatedly, kick them.
Q 5: What do you do if a player prop climbs? Politely ask them to stop, and if they fail to comply, further action should be taken.

Q 6: What should happen if a player commits FailRP?
if it is the first time, just give them a warn. If they do it repeatedly, and if it merits further action, they may be kicked
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