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Oct 14, 2018
Your RP (In-Game) Name: Padawan

Your Steam Name: Dream sans

Your Real Name *Just First Name*: Alex

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:238095090

Where are you from (Country)?: United Kingdom

What is your current time zone?: Greenwich Mean Time

How old are you?: 15

Have you ever been an administrator/position of rank on our/another server?: yes

What is your playtime on the Server?: Use to be over 3000 in the past but now is over 40.

How many warns do you have total + active warns?: No.

Are you sure you're applying for the right reason? (If yes explain) : Yes because I seen many rule breakers and not a lot of staff on so I want to help.

Why should we accept your application over other clients? (Please provide 5 or more sentences): I want to help make the server better make people and safe so they can have fun and roleplay. I want to stop all rulebreakers from doing Rdm,Prop climb,Failrp,Mic spam,Pac abuse,Mass rdm. And these past 5 weeks I saw a lot of rule breakers and I don't like to see rule breakers so I want to stop them from breaking rules.

Do you have Discord?: Yes đŸ”»Chara Dreemurr ~<3#5628

Have you ever been kicked or banned on our server or any? (Explain why): Yes i was kicked but it was in the past like a year ago.

Do you have a Microphone?: Yes but wont work so I'm best to type.

How many hours can you be on in a week? (Avg/Guess): 6 hours every day.

Can you do anything else for UndeRuneRP?: I can promote the server and tell on how great this server is and that if they join and put the emblem on their name they even get a bonus on money.

Do you meet all the requirements?: Yes

Other information you would like to tell us? (Optional will allow us to know more about you. Which is more of a likelihood of being accepted.): I am abit blind so it w



Q 1: What is RDM? Random death match, killing someone without a reason.

Q 2: What is RDA? Random Arresting, arresting someone without a reason.

Q 3: What is FailRP? FailRP is doing things that you simply cannot do in the real world.

Q 4: What do you do if a player randomly kills two other players? Freeze them then ask them why they killed them and check logs to see if they actually did and then ask what happened to see the story.

Q 5: What do you do if a player prop climbs? Drag them back on the floor then tell them to not prop climb because it's against the rules and should never happen.

Q 6: What should happen if a player commits FailRP? Freeze them and ask why they did Failrp and then check logs to see if they did it then after that tell them not do it again or else they will be warned if its their first if not i'll warn them then let them go.
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