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Nov 7, 2019
This is a short rundown of suggestions that I have at the top of my head. There are more suggestions that I will post however this is a basic list of my recommendations. Some of them may/likely are now known but I chose to include them.

Slave Suggestions

Already stated but add a job that only has access to the slaves.

Slaves should drop around $2,500-$4,000 every 120 seconds. (Depends on if the workstation and slaves work well together.)
With the prices above you should get $120,000 max every hour.

Change the Criminal Workstation to a lower price. Maybe 15k. It takes a lot to get a good slave.

Printer Suggestions

The printers should print $1,400 every 90 seconds.

This should give you around 88k every hour

Change the names of the printers to something fun and custom.
I see most servers with Diamond printers, Saphire, etc.
Maybe change the names to something creative like "Anderson's Printer". (Kind of like the Hand of Anderson.)

Map Suggestions

The Helicopter that is spawned should be removed after a certain amount of time. Several people basing on the server have complained about it being really loud and disturbing. The only way to remove it is to go in PD and hit the self destruct button. (Users have told me it is tedious to press the button every time.)

Add a tunnel to get from the Public Plaza or from the secret crawlspace to the snow district. (Add a few houses or warehouses in the area.)
Location of Tunnel/Buildings
Plaza Possible tunnel area
Crawl space tunnel area

Add buildings to base in below
Location #1
Location #2
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