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True Frisky

May 16, 2019
Poland Wrocław
Hellow amigos and that's my apply *-*

Real life name is Martin Olankiewicz.

Real life chronological age is 18 years.

Real life location is Poland so i can have problems with English but don't worry, i can communicate normally but not verbally. Please nu judge ;-;

Real life timezone is UTC +2.

In-game name is Frisk Excalibur, previosly ◄ Frisk ►

First encounter with UndertaleRP was: Not remember.

SteamID (Generic) is STEAM_0:1:179924090.

In-game hours played is 193 hours.

Warns: 2 from beggining from not understanding rules-

Discord: 🔻 < Frisk >#3051

I'm everyday ^-^

My Application c:
So um hellow there, i'm pretty new person in Garry's mod, i hears that was really nice game so i've decided to buy it like a month ago or i dunno, so i've decided to apply for being someone more helpy for others. I sees a lot of harrasment and new persons rdm'ing other players and too much bully while admin's was not active, i wish i can doing something with that, a lot of people breaking rules on my eyes, my decision to apply was very long to take because i needed to know how that server works and what's happening in that place (it's my first and only one server i walks into in whole garry's mod-), i not wanted become someone more than user not knowing how to behave and make server worse. The other thing why i'm wanted to apply i'm so opened for new relations, hugs and people being calm and so happy ^-^'. Now after meeting whole server, people, world, whole system and behavior i can finally help others and stop or solve problems. I can say i was asocial, lonely and bit deppressed now i'm happy, calm and sensitive and i know how people feel while getting bullied or sad ^-^. Crystal (ultra-admin) helps me how it all works and protects me while get's cursed, that was very nice and i've feels better and i want be helpy too. I have a desire to help the sad persons and make their game better and more happy. I hate while someone's crying or are hurted because i've feeling the same while someone need help and i can't do anything and waiting for others Staff to react, i haves two those moments while i was so helpless and sad. Others deserving to feel happy :c
Staff disrespect: I would says them to stop, if not jail them and give warning, if would it not work kick and calls other admin or moderator
Minor offense: Talk about behavior and trys make all things clear

Close Statement ^-^'
i'm nu sure what it means but it's seems to close the apply or something- S-So i want to say i was so happy to get that game and plays in that incredible server :3 I've builds a lot and plays there happily (of course to moments while some peoples was so bully and nu nice :<) and um i haves really big problem to type that apply because something was not allows to send confirmation email so i cannot types it before, i talkes with all Discors server to help do it but ^^' A-Anyway somehow i've does it and that was the case :3 Thank you for reading and have good day! ^_^
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Jan 22, 2019
Boise, ID
Yeah, they seem like a nice person, I think that even with the minor language barrier, they seem to either have learned a bit of english or they have a translator, either way that won't be a problem, so I think would do great as staff!

xxi TJ ixx

Mar 2, 2019
They would be a great person for staff, the language barrier does worry me though. If someone tries to explain their story of rdm or some shit and they can't understand may be a bad thing but they can always call another admin for help. I would say yes they would be a good admin.
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