🕒 Obsolete DarkRP Manifesto

Republic Community
A non-serious, non-toxic online gaming community focused on freedom and liberty.


Mr. Bumble
🚫 Banned
Nov 13, 2019
This is our version of the rp_downtown map designed to combine classic 2010s-era DarkRP with modern 2020s-era Garry's Mod and our own non-serious, fun-focused themes. We are a warm, close-knit community with a unique culture and style. We hope you make your home with us.

The inner city is constructed within a mountain, and is a dense mosaic of homes, shops, exotic technologies, military facilities, and forbidden secrets. The inner city is divided into the sterile, well-maintained Uptown, and the cozy but dilapidated Downtown.

Outisde the inner city, the outlands is a boreal forest at the northern fringes of this region, incomplete. The industrial canals, incomplete. The lagoon, incomplete. Snow Town, incomplete.

The Public DarkRP is my final attempt to host a populated, growing, non-serious, fun-focused DarkRP with classic undertones and modern improvements. I am an Owner who thinks more like a player and less like a Staff. I have almost 20,000 hours of experience over 10 years on Garry's Mod, and have seen communities rise and fall. I will continously improve and update this map and server in a way everyone (including you) will enjoy, if you give your input, participate, and play here!

The Public DarkRP is also my final attempt to host a refuge from the typical incompetent, careless, arrogant Owner with an inflated ego who used to be one of those shitty, power-hungry, restrictive superadmins that he fills his own Staff team with. His servers shut down every 3-6 months, he demands donations and ass-kissing in return for false goodwill, he is inactive, impersonal, and demanding. He should instead be a player, a Moderator at best. He brainwashes good players who just want to have fun with the notion that DarkRP is a cesspool of strict, error-filled, bland servers with shitty customizations and shitty Staff. He makes it so bad that other unskilled, incompetent wannabe server owners will imitate him and continue this cycle, because anyone could do better than him. Sound familiar? Let's break that cycle and work as a team, as a community, to make something enjoyable and long lasting here!

- Anderson