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📢 Announcement Agent of Corruption resigns from invisible Administrator position

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Jan 1, 2009
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Agent of Corruption resigns from invisible Administrator position
I think we're done here.png

Pictured above: Agent of Corruption issues his computational intentions to opt-in to a 2020+ resignation/hibernation cycle
Fellow Citizens! Sad day. @Agent of Corruption, the human-calculator, has resigned for the 3rd (or 4th) time. I tried being reasonable but made sure that my concerns were expressed clearly, and he took extreme offense and just as extreme a response, so he will not be supporting anyone or anything here for a long time (6 months to 2 years) or permanently, depending on future events and factors such as his personal outlook, unforeseen events both real life and online, the state of the community, the state of our server(s), and the state of the leader (me) of which my enlistment in the military and Will Creamer currently affects the most.

We will have to make do without any advanced support from now on. Of all our staff and members I am the only one capable in creating content or even modifying content. I am a one-man army now, and so I need even more support from the staff. I need the staff to provide social support by keeping the community positive and cohesive, and participation in development is important as well. With every loss there must be a path forward to recovery.

Agent of Corruption was exceptionally competent and excellently skilled in assisting me wherever we created and improved content, but a change in outlook combined with other minor influencing events has created a cocktail of negativity that will not be shaken for the foreseeable future.

Instead of elaborating on my personal thoughts or details regarding this tragedy at risk of unnecessary negativity and further degradation of Agent's emotional co-processing subroutines, I will describe what I intend now.

As for The Public DarkRP, the plan now is for the rest of March, we will try to get jobs and economy done so people can play (hopefully soon), and then create a barebones map with simple geometry making gameplay possible but clearly incomplete, that is of course rp_downtown_thepublic. This is better than using rp_downtown_tits_v2 which nets us disrespect, while using a custom map that is high quality attracts people even if we are small.

This is a goal that must never end. The Republic is a community and must be populated and active, now and forever, because it would be a waste if it wasn't, and failure is unnecessary because we have a unique and correct ideology regarding fun and social norms, great capability and inspiration to create content, and of course, a drive to gain greatness as a collective group. Real life always comes first, but that should be obvious. The Republic's purpose was always entertainment, and it's in these creative and powerful group activities that a community can bring where the best moments and relationships are made, at least that is true for me.
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