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Anderson's Thoughts

An incredible amount of my dreams, for some reason, occur in the form of Minecraft. Why? It must be deeply subconscious. I guess some of my strongest emotions are buried there, like in Terraria.
Our Dungeon Master, the one who hosts and moderates the Dungeons and Dragons games, Cody O'Hara, left for the BOP (prison). Now things have gotten boring again. Still waiting for BOP for me.
Now Reading: The Rising of the Shield Hero (light novel about a young guy similar to me)
My 2023 Q2 Report, my Criminal Charges Fact Sheet, and many other postings will be published in a flurry as soon as I leave for my designated Bureau of Prisons facility.
I got let out of solitary and am back in the GOOD housing unit! I did not expect such a merciful thing to happen. This makes ALL the difference for me in daily life. I am extremely grateful.
The primary method I use to avoid despair is to mentally blueprint all the amazing works I will create once again, better than ever before, in the inevitable future. You will see. I promise it. 🎮🎲🧩🎯