RE: Letter from Vod Mesa

Let me to read a letter I recently received.

Dear Dr. Anderson, I do not not respect you, but I do not hate you. I think 20 years in prison might be a good thing for you. Sincerely, a concerned Vod Mesa.

Vod Mesa, if you - due to your exposure to hazardous materials - have become brainwashed or have had your perception of events distorted beyond all hope, then what a shame. As a firsthand eyewitness of the events leading up to the incident, you should know better. You go from saying that I did not deserve any of this to thinking maybe in some way any of this was okay. Think as a scientist, not as a member of the mob. Until I see you repair logic, I will refer to you as "confused citizen". Additionally and finally, you know very well that the vault cannot and will not hold the G-Man as prisoner forever. Something secret stirs us.


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