January 2024 - Pekin Prison Update

This is the year 2024, my third year of hell and of the long night.

And as an alternative to being indicted and forcibly arrested, on June 28, 2022 I self-surrendered in Minneapolis Federal Court and was placed in Sherburne County Jail for 16 months before any movement. On October 13, 2023 or Friday 13th, I finally left for prison. I cannot make it home without first working through the prison system. I did not go to low-security FCI Sandstone like I should have, like Tony Lazzaro did. But my 5-day stay at privately-owned CoreCivic Simmaron in Oklahoma eclipse the quality of Sherburne County, Anoka County, or a medium-security FCI Pekin in Illinois where I am now.

I have been at Pekin for over 3 months now. Establishing reputation, making essential connections, and learning how to drive myself in here has taken all my time and mental energy. Communication methods are severely limited compared to before, digital design and word processing is as absent as Will Creamer in 2019, and 100 percent of my entertainment is now Dungeons and Dragons, a game I knew nothing about before jail.

Cody O'Hara, the man who taught me the game in Sherburne jail is now my cellie in Pekin prison, the statistical chances of that is less than 1 in a 1,000.

Sorry for my intermittent silence. Dual purpose. Firstly I must stay safe and secure. secondly, me trying to get words outside is like my broken, spaceship in the background of the site pining morse code through a micro-wormhole.

I live.

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