August 2023 - Content Drought due to Prolonged Solitary Confinement

I would be creating more content to publish here (and faster) if I wasn't stuck in solitary confinement due to a combination of:
  1. Stupid jokes, banning me from the good housing unit,
  2. A pointless no-contact between a fake gangster and I, blocking me from the county housing unit, and
  3. The overwhelmed and overstuffed Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) being utterly and completely full at the low-security facility that I am almost certainly designated to go to.
I need something to change soon. I feel like Huell Babineaux at the end of Breaking Bad still waiting for Angent Hank Schrader to come get me.


By the way, no, I am not in solitary for "my own safety" OR for further disciplinary reasons. I will reiterate, I am stuck in the hole because all 3 places I could go to are artificially blocked off to me for the time being.

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