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  • Maybe if we stopped jailing 18 to 21-year-old adolescents (like I was) for literally everything, there would be space in prison! At Anoka I had a 19-year-old Thai cellie in the same boat as me.
    Just did 4 days @ Anoka County Jail in minimum security, a nice break from solitary at Sherburne. Still waiting for space to open in prison. Until then, still waiting for gen-pop space in jail.
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    I am a spaceship captain adrift in deep space, and the is my distress beacon. Do you see the broken ship in the website background? That's my legal situation. And that brown planet is the prison.
    The music that starts to play after you have endured 12 days in the punishment housing unit with another 8 to go, and 50 triple-OG gangstas just got indicted out of Minneapolis, and you have to listen to their wisdoms non-stop day and night:

    These jail food trays make me nostalgic for Gordon Ramsey's "Kitchen Nightmares" TV show. Remember that big slob who made those greasy, fat pizzas? I could go for one of those right now...
    Was in solitary confinement, now in 20-hour lockdown with just a radio and a few books. This is once again because I joked too much, and it made the admin angry. Sorry! I won't voice spam again.
    From my cell I got to watch the 4th of July fireworks through my window, because I'm in a corner cell that faces the parking lot and because my housing unit directly faces the neighborhood! 🎆🎇
    Do not be mistaken, my friends. The future will come, and I will be involved with it alongside you all.
    UPDATE: I have yet to leave for prison. I am still at the Sherburne County Jail, where Federal inmates are held awaiting sentencing and then departure. I only wait for the US Marshals to transport me. I may be extremely low priority for transport if I am going to a low-security facility, which may be the case. When I arrive at my designated prison, I will immediately post the location here on the site. You can also use the "BOP Inmate Locator" to find me. My BOP number is 08192-510. They should have instructions on how to mail me. If you mail me, I will respond right away. If you want me to NOT mention your letter on the site, be sure to include that detail. I know, nobody likes to use snail mail anymore. Eventually, I should get access to BOP e-mail, then it should be no struggle for anyone to correspond with me instantly and regularly, as they wish.
    There is much talk. And I have listened: through rock, and metal, and time. Now I shall talk, and you shall listen.
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