Drawings and Illustrations

Snapshots of what I see, think, and experience during my time in prison.
Strange encounter on the inside #1.
I got 20 years due to "entrenched beliefs". So, I'm a thought criminal. The truth is a lie.
He wasn't too happy about how the pepper spray felt on his skin and eyes!
These 2D graphic art images were produced from 2015 to 2020. The following media is unorganized and will seem random - I selected these based on variety to show you examples of what was created for use in our content. Due to privacy, legal, and quality concerns, only a tiny fraction of the vast number of 2D art we created is shown here. I want you to know the reason for me going out of my way to post any of this, even with my highly stressful situation in 2022, is so I can share with you...
These photorealistic images were produced from 2015 to 2017. Far more images like these were created, but were permanently lost or unable to be published. This type of media was used to add atmosphere and flavor to the theme we created, which was the "Republic", a gaming community modeled after American-style government. Below: The cover art for a padfolio used for administration applications at the entry-level. Below: An aluminum case lined with black felt carries "VIP" permits...