Wind and Spicy (Axiochus influenced as victim) social violations and chat log


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January 1, 2009
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From Wind: I understand that you don't like people like me, but let's be real. YOU'RE A ●●●●●! I'm being as brutally honest as I ●●●●ing can be. I am sick of your ●●●● Go ahead, target me all you want just because I SAID A LOGO FOR A SERVER WAS GOOD. See my new tags? Yes? That means one thing: I am NOT going to be associated with ANYONE except myself. The tags do not mean JACKSHIT in any server. Unlike you, everyone I know understands tags do not mean everything in the whole goddamn world. Also, make Dahacker stop trashtalking gold. It ain't gonna do ●●●●. :) Anyways, the sole reason I brung people to your shitty little discord server was so I could prove that what I said about you was right. AND IT WAS! All of them said you were a dictator! Think they're biased? We had a person from another server who said you were. Luckily they were with us for the time being. We don't lose staff, because we all trust and respect eachother. We all have our own opinions. We sometimes argue, but never leave unless we honest to god don't think we can handle the job. Your staff leave all the time because of your stupid rules and redundant leadership. Support the Nazis? You should support the fact the Nazis were rules by a dictator who turned everyone for him. AKA Hitler. Have fun in your crumbling server of ●●●●, that you think is paradise. Final words: Every 'Utopia' is a dystopia, especially yours. ●●●● you. [notice the excessive vulgarity and idealistic political views in order to emphasize and give feeble support to his tirade]

🔻 Glen

It's not that I don't like people like him, he doesn't like people like me, who he seems to be jealous of.

Yeah, he's a narcissist who lashes out at everyone who contradicts him, but we all know this, everyone in the community knows.
Of course his group of friends, his cohorts, his allies, will agree with anything he says. They're fighting for him. If you come in expecting something bad, you're going to get it shoved in your face because absolutely nobody comes here to attack like that, which is why nobody shares his opinion except for those influenced by him.
If I walk up to a black guy on my property and call him a ●●●●●●, and ask him if he's trying to steal something, he's going to fist fight me and then prove the stereotype that blacks are violent and aggressive. If you walk into a community, call the owner expletives and insults, probe for weaknesses and things to mock and accuse him of, he's going to fight you and expose you, and you will become even more angry and hostile in reaction to that, which is what happened. Really, all of this happened because Wind threw a temper tantrum since he's used to getting what he wants, but that of course is not how it works anywhere, especially not here.

It's about getting his way or no way.
It's about his ego, and his manipulations, and his hot headed temperament, which of course will never get him anywhere in life. He knows he's dysfunctional, and in a state of rage, but he has to learn he can't use other people as a punching bag for his own insecurities.
He uses group-think and self-reinforcing ideas to cope with his compulsive lying and false narrative he's constructed to justify his outrage and attempt to get revenge.
He claims to be independent, a very severe contradiction obviously - it's nice for him to be a independent thinker who thinks exactly like every other independent thinker who has the same set of information he provides, while ignoring any other response or explanations as is clearly available in the Discord chat for all to see.
I still see Wind's chat history with me where he apologized for being an asshole and that he was wrong about everything the first time he exploded. [screenshot below]
Remember, once a drug addict, always a drug addict. Once a narcissist, always a lying narcissist. He'll never change.
[end log]
[screenshot of Wind apologizing below]


Axiochus left the Republic Discord and blocked Glen due to the vitriol and tribal mindset Wind took advantage of in the heat of a moment where he had the opportunity to. Axiochus is now prohibited permanently without appeal from benefiting from or using any Republic property, that alone will be an equally harsh punishment for the harsh actions committed by the lost sheep who will (as patterns for the last 9 years have always shown, even Wind himself has shown) inevitable regret their decision, their path of hatred and malice, and wish to come back, but will be deprived of what we provided for their benefit.

Wind complaining about the Republic emblem that everyone uses as a symbol of representation and gratitude for all we provide and to be apart of what we all share in harmony and fun.


[explanation of log below]
Wind's original escalation into insanity and bloodthirsty outrage instigated by the ideology Driskie shared in his resignation note - an ideology developed over a large period of many months formed from the basis of the gluttonous excess of power, privilege and prestige he enjoyed being threatened by the improvement and progress of the server Undertale DarkRP.

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 6:55 PM
Driskie resigned, and here's why: Undertale DarkRP's shoveling of permissions on top of permissions on top of permissions, combined with the same system running for over 2 years, and then the changes to that system implemented in late 2018 by Agent and I, is why according to Driskie he has resigned, but truthfully it is due to the false impression that someone is entitled to a high rank and permissions and complete control of the community, and any and all changes and improvements are inherently bad, even though it's vital to the survival of the server and the community, and having a system not designed by me means I will neglect it, not care about it, and shut it down eventually. So by his standards, the community would die and shut down, because I'm certainly not caring, expanding, or maintaining it if it's not by my standards, and people certainly aren't going to stick around if it's the same forever.(edited)

[driskie's resignation note below]
🔻DriskieToday at 6:00 PM
hey so i regret to inform you of this but im gonna resign, ive been part of this community for quite a while and while i do like the community and all that, I really am not enjoying the direction the community is taking. I know you don't like crticism so I've been keeping my opinons to myself, but the way everything from the server to the discord is being handled really has nobodys intrest in mind. I've seen this happen to other gmod communities ive been apart of and I really was hoping it wouldnt happen to this one, seems I was wrong. You really should ask for some feedback once in a while, maybe ask staff before you overhaul the way we do our jobs. Everything from forcing us to use a staff job on the server to not even letting us use out physyguns to freeze players. almost all the changes seem disjointed and unnecessary. Im only resigning because I feel if I try and voice my opinion about the republic you'll take it as some great betreyal. I really do hope the Republic and its community do good in the future but I dont see that happening at the rate its going right now. Maybe if you'd be open to ideas which could help to improve the functionality of both your discord and the server, which really do feel like theyre being controlled by just you without any sort of advisment from even a second in command. It feels like its just you making decisions and I can't really endorse it any longer. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. ~Driskie

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 6:57 PM

Calm down

Also I’m not gonna lie, Driskie has some good points [false impression of neutrality in order to make a biased opinion with an agenda more influential to easily convinced people such as Axiochus]

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 6:58 PM

Where he is wrong is, "input", there's been this fantastical, fantasy-driven idea that "input" is not welcome, even though I constantly ask for it and everything is based around the perceived input of the entire community. He was also given the impression of Undertale DarkRP over the past year of 2018 as a sloppy shitfest that should stay in a dark black room with Microsoft paint text signs at the portals, no improvements, no change. Also, the Owner, actually owning the community and its servers, rather than delegating them to people like Smurf and Agent who go inactive or end up resigning, is also bad. Unlike all other communities, which are a dictatorship, the Republic is a Republic, with an executive leader and a mass of people who move it in a certain direction. But that isn't good enough, it needs to be a democracy where it is controlled by the masses, and the executive is subject to that control, yet he pays for, designs, plans, and maintains everything. That is the toxic point of view that I've seen from some people.

🔻 ClausLast Saturday at 6:59 PM

I like how he said its only being managed by you Glen put you gave Driskie plently of power(edited)

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 6:59 PM

Dude. If you keep on getting the same goddamn complaint everytime, there’s an issue to fix(edited)

I’m pointing out the -sort-of- obvious

I’m being honest.

Also, bringing this into the general chat- by logic- means members have an opinion they can share(edited)
🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:02 PM

We've created this dangerous impression that the generous amount of autonomy, power, and privilege I bestow to super-higher-ups like Smurf, Agent, Driskie, etc. is obligatory, required. Unlike other communities, where the Owner decides everything and nobody else, we have delegated most if not all of that power to those people, while I remain in the background. Because of this, the impression has been given that this is actually not good enough, and an oligarchy or better yet, the entire staff, should be the Owner, and not the Owner. In fact, we went so far to delegate power away from the Owner, that Smurf was designated "Owner" for 2 years in my place under me so that there was even more autonomy.

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:02 PM


I don’t mean to be rude but I’m in multiple servers that don’t have a dictatorship


I honest to god think you mostly call the shots here.

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:04 PM

Because of this, the solution is probably to become even more traditionalist in order to promote stability and destroy this idealist, pseudo-democratic view that would lead to the total shut down of the community and resigning of the Owner (me) himself.

In fact, that's what many of the changes he complained about reflects.

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:05 PM

Just give the staff a chat to where they can speak with eachother and have voices with you. Make a staff vote chat so if you have an idea staff can vote on it

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:05 PM

It's time to take it a step further and ensure that all staff ranks and the social order of the community is clearly understood, set in stone, so that there's no room for confusion and idealisms invented by people who are the benefactors of that which they say there is not enough of.

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:07 PM

It's funny, because they have all that and more. The delegation that Driskie asked for is unique to this community, the concept of "governors", "sub-owners", and "server managers" is found in less than 1% of Garry's Mod servers, let alone any that have a playerbase. Our experiment of autonomy creates this attitude where there must be more autonomy or else it's wrong and morally incorrect. The problem is, the less I'm involved, the less I care, until I no longer care and the server will die due to neglect.

Also @🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶 I know you're an extreme egalitarian, but I'm talking about servers and communities, not friend groups and meme servers.

Spicy™Last Saturday at 7:08 PM

so people aren’t allowed to give any ideas about improvements

is that what i’m hearing

because honestly that sounds pretty wack and not a community that i want to be a part of

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:10 PM

If a group of friends want to penis around on a joke server or create a small community with 3 co-owners, they can do that, and they will of course have inevitable conflict at the high levels which will lead to shut down, community death, stagnation, and more. That doesn't happen here, and never will happen here, or else we sill shut down, as it has been demonstrated in the past multiple times. Even the Republic is a result of something to that effect, as the Republic is a rename of The Public Community.

Spicy™Last Saturday at 7:11 PM

glen i am in multiple servers that have more than one leader and pretty extensive staff teams that aren’t falling apart in any of the ways you speak of

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:11 PM

Wow, see, this is a perfect demonstration of the idea that he's held. That if the Owner is the Owner, that means nobody is anything. When I just explained that here, everyone is more than they are anywhere else as an individual.

Spicy™Last Saturday at 7:11 PM

you’re a dictator.

that’s the beginning and end of it.

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:11 PM

Why did you just say nobody gives input? I just wrote a whole paragraph about how everyone gives input.

Spicy™Last Saturday at 7:11 PM

ah i saw the earlier thing you said

lemme get it

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:12 PM


Did you read any of it?

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:12 PM

We read it [clearly did not read it as indicated by their responses]

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:12 PM

We know you think you aren’t a dictator, a d rather that you think staff have a voice

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:12 PM

Or did you just read the part where I complained about Driskie's point of view that was built from him being shoveled power upon permissions upon prestige simply for being Smurf's friend and sticking around?

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:12 PM

In reality, I recall NOT being able to say jackshit about your changes [wind was not staff, and is manipulating his own point to better suit his own narrative by attempting to create a strawman argument]

Spicy™Last Saturday at 7:12 PM

lmao sorry dude i read it wrong [admitting he/they did not bother to read everything Glen said but yet continue to make responses, proof of a non-subjective argument and a bias or agenda that demands a consensus on their viewpoint without regard for reality]

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:12 PM

Spicy™Last Saturday at 7:12 PM

but still

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:13 PM

I’m being as honest as I can [pseudo-neutral victimhood honest-citizen narrative]

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:13 PM

Wind, in another community, you'd be banned with all messages erased, and not allowed to dissent at all. You have never been restricted from saying anything, only when you didn't do your job as a Moderator, which you apologized for threefold.

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:13 PM

@🔻 Glen I’ve been in a server that I’ve done terrible tomfuckery and yet I’ve never been banned(edited)
[meme servers and friend groups don't ban people they're friends with, however, if he means to say he went into communities and insulted the core of their leadership and attempted to advertise it was illegitimate because he didn't get his way, he'd be banned in a millisecond as we all know]

Spicy™Last Saturday at 7:14 PM

what would he be banned for? [is it not terribly obvious? these two are either being severely dishonest or are new to the world]

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:14 PM

I just said, when you go into a server and tell the Owner that he has no right to be the Owner, you'd be shoved out the nearest airlock.

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:14 PM

I never said that [he directly said this many times and it is the core of the argument he is making]

Spicy™Last Saturday at 7:14 PM

ah no i beg to differ

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:14 PM

And a server with terrible tomfuckery has no owner, because it's tomfuckery.
[if it's a server based around "tomfuckery" it's a meme server or friend group that has no core, properties, servers, goals, or order, let alone bills to pay and designs to create]

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:14 PM

I’m saying that you should give a voice to staff [he wouldn't know, as again, he is not staff, and every staff regularly is questioned on their ideas, input, opinion, etc. - again, either intellectual dishonesty, or ignorance of reality]

Not to leave [nobody instigated him to leave, he wants to instigate others to leave as he did to Axiochus but failed to do so with anyone else because his speech has no basis in reality and only Axiochus was both new and in close proximity to Wind's influence]

Spicy™Last Saturday at 7:15 PM

in a server i’m mod in ive gone off at multiple leaders and i’m still a mod [of course he's a mod there, in any fake, unsuccessful, joke of a friend-run community, anyone and everyone who is cronies with the leadership can and will be staff without qualification or merit]

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:15 PM

@🔻 Glen I’ve done a ●●●●ton of bad things, the server isn’t tomfuckery [contradiction to previous statement]

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:15 PM

Staff here have the biggest voice of any community that's ever existed, to the point where there's so much inter-communication that entire groups can split away if the person with most of the power becomes dissatisfied, like with BeyondTale and Sabitha Sabitha in 2017. What's ironic is, the person with the MOST power is the one complaining about not having enough.

Spicy™Last Saturday at 7:16 PM

glen that’s a lie and i can testify against it [never testified in any way against it, just verbal combat, it doesn't take 9 years of experience (as of early 2019) to understand the inherent nature of communities along with their downfall and success patterns]

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:16 PM

Glen I doubt that. When making changes to the server I do not recall ever hearing about it until you implement it. [what does this have to do with input? he was barely here for any changes to take place, and those that did were minor and general fixes/improvements, he is also not obligated to control what changes on the server, and he could've voiced his opinion at any time]

Not a word

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:16 PM

You just said, a server with tomfuckery didn't do x and y and z, so I compared us to that, but you said this server doesn't have tomfuckery

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:16 PM

I SAID I DID TOMFUCKERY, the server is not tomfuckery

I stated my words incorrectly

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:17 PM

What does that mean?

You made jokes and said silly things?

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:17 PM


I was a mod, I did a ●●●●ton of oofs, and I was kicked out for a while [even in a sh*t-tier fake community he manages to get kicked out for his power hungry abusive behaviors]

Not here btw(edited)

🔻Burnt BolognaLast Saturday at 7:18 PM

That's kind of fat

🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:18 PM

Or you said the Owner has no right to be the Owner and even though he pays for everything, designs everything, created half of everything, and provided the place that you enjoy so much, he's a real penis because he tried to take his community in his direction with the input of others, what a terrible idea.

🔶Wind The Odd Lizard🔶Last Saturday at 7:18 PM


🔻 GlenLast Saturday at 7:18 PM

Go ahead and go to another community and say that to the Owner and see what happens

I'd like to see what happens

[end log, unnecessary quips lasting over 500 messages followed afterwards]

Spicy was Wind's friend brought to the Discord through him.
This further showcases the only people agreeing with Wind's social theories would be his friend and any others who newly joined and subsequently probed for weaknesses and controversy after Wind was chat-restricted for spam, who are either fighting alongside him, or are indoctrinated by him.
Wind later stated that "everyone agrees with him" as a self-assuring comfort-based coping mechanism to combat the insecurity and guilt he surely felt as he has in the past, and to lessen the emotional damage of losing what he enjoyed so much here and the people along with it by his own words and actions. A shame, for him.
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