Sandss's Staff Application

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New member
May 10, 2019
Real life name Dziugas
Real life chronological age 12
Real life location Lithuania
Real life Time zone UTC +3
In game name Sandss previously not sands
First encounter with undertale rp 2019-04-02
In game hours 174
Inactive warns 3
Active warns 0
Have been a staff member before on another server: no
I will be a lot more active in the weekends but little active in the work days by what I mean little 1hours-2hours

I want to be a staff member because I have seen a lot of rdm lately mostly when staff are not on and I would like to help the staff team deal with the rdm when staff are not on and on
also I would want to help this community grow because in my opinion this server is really good server when people are not rdming

Staff disrespect: ignore them

Minor offense: would tell them to stop and if they wont give them a warning

Closing statement
I don't know what to say here but I think I meet all the requirements to be a staff member
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