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April 22, 2019
Hi There. I’m Fate.

So I thought I’d give some first impressions/feedback on these subjects:

Undertale RP Server
Steam Page

I’ll quickly get the discord one out the way:

Layout is clear though I wish there is a more obvious way to join the member rank. *If it displays something on the PC Discord, sorry I joined it on my phone.

Steam Page:
Bare minimum and the link to this website doesn’t work correctly.

It’s missing out the info of the server and key staff members info.

Before I talk about this, I can see it’s still in development. So take what I say with a pinch of salt.

Signing up is easy but I feel the questions are a little too personal. Such as my sexual orientation or the gender I’m born as. I feel it’s not something you NEED to know to make a good server.

The layout needs some work on. Such as categories for ban appeals, mod requests, ect. The colour scheme is nice though.

You have a donate command but no donate page.

Undertale RP Server:
I kinda grasp that it’s a more relaxed RP experience but I feel some things should be mentioned.

I can say I haven’t had a bad experience with a member of staff. That being said, the way some reacted to things could be questioned. I’m sure I heard one say “I’m an admin, I can do what I want” and sometimes noclipping while shooting someone.

I can agree with the fact that some normal users don’t mind it and can follow the joke but there are others who struggle to see it.

I do feel there are too many staff and not a good form of communication. Perhaps a ticket system would help stop/lessen the confusion when a member of staff is dealing with a sit and a different member just kicks/ban them.

Staff interactions with other staff:
Now trust me, I used to mess about too with other members but sometimes the lines get a bit blurred and you just see chat spammed with “someone explodes someone” which can make it look completely off putting for a new user. That being said when I questioned it, I was quickly told it’s a joke... so there’s that.

As a side note they like to spawn in their own guns too...

Chat Box:
Don’t like it. Covers up the voting system. It’s not transparent and it’s literally rectangles. I’d get rid of it or look for a cleaner one.

F4 Menu:
There’s a couple of problems for myself where you can’t read the full description of the character and the functions on the home bit where you can click rp name ect just don’t work correctly. Other than that, it changes roles... so that’s good enough.

Oh boy. Where to begin. No voting to be Asgore or Undyne... might want to change that. Especially asgore for lockdown spam.

Chara and Flowey being able to outright RDM is a lil bit eh in some cases. Again I know it’s a more relaxed experience so whatever. I’d personally would like it if they advertised battle before hand.

I think a little rework is required on that since you can be toriel which from a gameplay standpoint doesn’t do much more than frisk and gets 1000+ coins.

Weapons that come with the role:
Can’t complain actually. They make sense and they work. All good stuff.
Could possibly make temmie sell guns. (Unless he already does, I couldn’t tell)

So that’s my feedback as my first impressions. Sorry if it feels like I’m bashing the server because I’m not. I quite enjoyed my time in fact. Those are the things that stood out to me.

Thanks for reading.

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