Perm Ban For "No Intent To RP"

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April 23, 2019
United States
Ok so i was banned. i did the dirty "no intent to rp!" witch honest isnt even a thing. like come on i dont think sombodys first ban should be a perma ban i understand a few weeks but i have waited a month before saying anything about this again i have other stuff to worry about. but a ban FOREVER just for minge and behaving like a dick. some some people are less tolorante like say sombody can be called names or whatever and just brush it off. but i understand if some people can be more delicate. some people abuse power and some dont but this is most likely a power issue i have never been banned for such petty reasons. i think i deserve another chance not bec


Active member
January 22, 2019
Boise, ID
It's made even worse by the fact that we barely even rp on that server. Like, SOMETIMES maybe once a MONTH, there will be a couple people that do some rp off in the background or something. I feel that "Burnt Frisk" deserves a demotion for this.