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January 19, 2019
It's about A strange niko.
I can't find his steam ID.
I know he's moderator, and I'm gonna tell what happend yesterday 2019-01-19.
I accidently killed two people with gaster blaster, because (they aim pretty bad) I wanted kill with bones M2 naughty ghost, who he killed me few times.
I know I didn't adverted crossfire, but I said sorry few times and said missclick 2 times. One guy went afk after I killed him and I said sorry few times and missclick 2 times, next guy said you owe me 1k, something like that and I understand he wanted money back and he would forgive me. I wanted give him money, but after I saw warning for 2 rdms, immediately call mod who warned me, it was a strange niko, to admin sit. I laughed after he said "Why?" he knew exactly why I wanted go to admin sit with him. First I said why did you warned me, (I wanted hear, what he said) after he said real reason I started my long dialog, "Why did you immediately warned me?" He can't warn me, he didn't even invited me to talk with him, for example "Why did you rdm them?" 1 bad decision. Other part will be more interresting. He said"I didn't saw any sorries in chat" He already checked logs... Then I said check again I think you're blind. (He wanted lie to me because wanted to end dialog, I think he knew what he did wrong decisions, but then he lied to me I already thinked in mind "I'm gonna report him on forums"2 bad decision "he lied to me". Then he said there's 3 sorries, one from (A strange niko), from other guy went afk and one from you "recently". I said he's braindead, why did he said sorry for what? And afk guy didn't said sorry I scrolled up chat (Chat system is horrible please fix) I said few sorries, but I didn't saw his sorry. Next then I was right, he wanted end dialog quickly so he said "Fine. If you want be mod something like that make application on forums" Then I immediatly understand he gave up on me and I was right, he bringed me back then server (Updated) something like that and I didn't saw him anymore, we were having fun, in spawn with custom wardrobe (It's really fun) with pickachu. (If you don't believe me scroll down there's screenshots).

So you heard story what happend yesterday, oh boi it's isn't end before it happend, We had masive rdm, a lot of more stuff.
*Why did you report him* Because I want him get DEMOTED and I want remove my warn, "I think staff members won't remove warning, but I want him really get demoted or remove my warning"
*What if he won't get demoted" It would be unfair and who pick people with staff applications he's braindead, because he picks unacquainted being staff on duty and liars.

If I would be staff member, I would be honest and watch people actions and if someone did wrong thing and will get warning I would invite him to talk why did you did that and I would ask if that guy who died because of him, if he forgives him.

So one guy rdm'ed me it was Kir by, then 2 staff member came and wanted do one thing, after one more came and one sans kid (9 years old) missclicked on staff member and 3 staff members (I dunno what they did to him, but they talked with him aggressively then he got bann after, that guy who rdm'ed me came and said I killed him because I'm niko... No one did react to it, (One staff member should get promoted is burnt) Burnt reacted to it, then he went idle because he wanted make hotdogs, other one more staff member disconnected server and guys who was last staff member A strange niko, liar, unacquainted and blind braindead staff member. It's not insulting I'm saying the truth, and you know what he did Kir by for rdm, NOTHING because I didn't saw any messages.

Another one:
One sans Bl@ck rdm me 4 times then I was building A strange niko came and something wanted do and guys, what did he do NOTHING, he said: I will come back" He was busy alright and after 20 minutes He didn't came back!

I have another story about masive rdm, but I think it's for another report. I hope you didn't waste time reading this.
P.S. DEMOTE HIM!20190120000945_1.jpg20190120000808_1.jpg20190120000825_1.jpg20190120000832_1.jpg
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EDIT: On line disconnected server it should be disconnected from server, I missed word "from"
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EDIT1:I found his steam ID: Steam Community :: Wind Ivy (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151598754/)
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