🏛️ Resolved Not sure, but i dont understand why?

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March 23, 2019
Houston, Texas
I was banned for an hour by Sirsmurfzalot, at first i understood my model was too big, I changed it and believed everything was okay.
Minutes later he confronted me and just banned me like that. I asked why but he never responded back to me. So im just a bit confused on this situation.

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July 31, 2013
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@Ende_Review You were banned for the following reasoning. Over-sized pacs once asked to remove you remove though minutes later you became another oversize pac even bigger than the one before so, please explain to me what don't you understand about your ban reasoning. You need to follow orders and don't go back to doing shit that an higher up has already discussed and have warned you to not to simple as that. Also, you added me on steam and I accepted your friend request to discuss your ban reasoning and you mentioned above that I didn't explain or get back to you that's false. - After discussing the problem and warning him once again I decided to remove his ban.
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