👍🏻 Accepted Insane - In-game name Ben

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March 28, 2019
Real life name is Ben.

Real life chronological age is 15 years.

Real life location is Scotland.

Real life timezone is UTC 0 (United Kingdom).

In-game name is Insane.

SteamID (Generic) is Example: STEAM_0:0:000000.

First encounter with UndertaleRP was on October 3, 2017.

In-game hours played is 17 hours.

The reason I wish to become a Staff Member is that I absolutely admire what they do. I want to be staff to help the server become more popular and enhance experiences. So far this is the third Garry's Mod DarkRP server I have been on, the community is great and friendly. I would like to make a change in order for players not to depend on themselves to sort out the crisis. I have also been out of the staff business as they say for a while now and really want to put something back into the community. To summarise I would like to be staff because I have a desire to help the server and the players; Not to mention that I feel like i have to return something back to the community that has helped me ever so much. If I am to become a staff member I am more than ready to be trained for new ideas, rules and updates to the server that could benefit anyone and everyone. I looked and looked for a server, but I had always seemed to have missed this one. Which is unfortunate, as, as soon as I logged into this server, I was, not kidding, amazed. I had found a server I had enjoyed, job system worked well, great and loving community, and most importantly, staff that can actually do their job.However, sadly, it is evident that there are many rule breakers in your community, and I started getting supremely annoyed when my experience was getting ruined by these people, who would keep and keep doing it in the early morning or late nights when there is no Staff online.

Staff disrespect I would ask them to stop and if they don't stop I would warn them for excessive hostility.

Minor offense Officially warn them with !warn [player]

Closing statement

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Meant to put this steam id in sorry STEAM_0:0:104868697
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Meant to put my actual steam id in
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Burnt Bologna

I see how much you want to help the server, I would go ahead and hire you but you will need get more reactions, I already gave you one.
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I see you gotten some more reactions, you are hired, welcome to the staff team.Promotion.jpg
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