Impersonating Staff.

January 27, 2019
Hi, I'm Kermit Hansen, as you guys probably know me. I'm the one with a RPG, a Minigun, and a Double Barreled Shotgun. That's my best opening by the way. I want to talk to the community not as just a person with those weapons, but as a person who knows the server well. I've made good friends here on this server, and I want to talk about staff, specifically, staff impersonation. Now, you might be thinking, "The ●●●● is he talking about? I've never seen anyone say they're staff when they're obviously not!" Well, that's great. But, maybe I'm wrong, I have. I feel like even if he wasn't, he was taking the situation wrongly, and I also want to talk about staff maturity. Firstly, I feel like if you see staff impersonation, ignore the person fully, if they say, "Oh, I was *insert staff rank* here! And I have connections to get you banned for *insert something that's not really that bad*!" Don't take them seriously. They want to scare you, and don't allow them to scare you, because then they have you under a unhappy experience. Secondly, I feel the maturity is completely fine with some staff, *cough cough burnt and glen and literally every other staff member i'm friends with cough cough* and not so good with others. I feel that there was a certain person, who I mentioned before as the one who was acting like he was staff manager, was, if he even was staff manager, not mature enough to even be close to that rank. He tried threatening me, telling me he would get my "custom rank removed" which wouldn't even work, since I don't have one, and he would get me banned by contacting Glen. Firstly, I gotta say, that's a bad move, any other staff or even Smurf would be a good idea to contact before Glen, because Glen doesn't need to be mustered with "BAD PERSON ABUSING HIS CUSTOM ROLE, COME ON AND BAN HIM!!1!!" when literally he's doing something else. Glen isn't the first person to run to, literally, ask a staff member. Ask a moderator, ask anyone else before you ask the highest powers on the server. Please, if you're going to do that, at least wait until it's severe. Let this be a lesson to regular players, veterans, and staff. Don't abuse your powers, don't impersonate powers you never had, and don't instantly go to a higher power to get a person banned. Thanks for reading this, I guess. This is really just a vent.

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