🏛️ Resolved I got warned for slapping an admin in pac

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January 25, 2019
Admin Anonymose warned me for slapping him while he was in PAC,he told me that its against rules and i should read !motd and i read it here is the list of the rules

  1. No hostility or competition of any kind against the Republic or its leadership
  2. No EXCESSIVE hostility towards others
  3. Cooperate with good staff, report bad staff and players
  4. No spam of any kind
  5. No random murder or arrests you have a legitimate reason - can be any if it's fair to roleplay
  6. No exploiting gameplay mechanics to give an unintended or unfair advantage
  7. Don't be a sleeze - don't try to sneak around rules or invent loopholes
  8. Every house or base must have at least 1 entry, unless you are building with a construction sign
  9. This rules list is subject to change, additions, or deletions
  10. Snowdin and MTT Resort are public areas and access cannot be tolled, obstructed, or whitelisted
  11. Other large areas can only be claimed if it is appropriate and reasonable (They have to use it and it has to be proportional to the amount of people in the base)
  12. Pushing (E on player) is a form of an assault or attack and can get you killed or arrested
  13. No children allowed (anyone who is completely sexually unaware) - only adults are allowed (anyone who is becoming or has become sexually aware, usually 12+) - if you are 13+ and still a child, you are in denial or have a terminal condition
No rule that says i cant slap an admin in pac so he warned me for no reason.
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September 8, 2018
I don't think it should deserver a written warning because I'ts a pretty scummy thing to do but not that scummy to get a written warning, maybe a verbal one?
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