got permbanned for pushing someone

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December 14, 2018
so basically i logged onto the server, became a Temmie and bought some gun shipments when this group of three people with Shopkeeper Tem, lj, and a frisk walk up and steal them. I'm like OK, i walk out of spawn hide and buy the guns again. i get my guns and walk into town where i see the gun thieves. i walk up and push shopkeeper Tem. they fire at me, they kill me. i return and push tem again for the funny hahas. like i only pushed him a small bit each time, no crouch and look up nonsense. he no clips into the air and im like, OK ill leave. but then lj begins shooting at me. i fight back and win, im like "ok im leaving now, goodbye" when i get hit with this screen.


i dont think pushing someone 2 times should be classified as "mass minge"

and if i remember correctly he never asked me to stop so i couldn't refuse to stop. if he actually did i am sorry and i was going to stop after those 2.

so im sorry for pushing this guy 2 times but i dont think i should have been permbanned.

please read this soon mr admins




March 3, 2019
Mississauga Ontairo Canada
banned for high warn count and is pushing others forcing them to fight so you can kill them, you do that a lot you have 49 warns most for rdm, and you constantly harassing players for kills like pushing them so they fight you, and pick pocketing them so they fight you, don't try to lie niko i saw all of it happen since i first took notice of you're Activity towards other players, i'm sorry neko but you haven't learned obviously you have 49 warns, and a lot are for minge reasons, (something a minge does) hell you might even be part of the niko squad, but we don't know, i'm sorry niko but as far as im concerned in my opinion this should not be fixed i am aware i did not ask you to stop but i assumed with you're high warn count that was not necessary because someone like you, should know what happens, i assumed i was wrong in that sense, forgive me niko but as far as my opinion goes, it was the right thing to do, By the way i didn't ban you for two pushes if it wasn't obvious already forgive me for not explaining sooner it would not fit in the reasons box ( my pc is dumb so it wont fit)
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