🏛️ Resolved got banned for following rules

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December 14, 2018
so i was playing on undertale rp like i usually do when i see this base. the owner of the base is like 10 and keeps on taunting me so when i actually get in the base he opens fire at me, so of course i fire back. then later i get called into a admin sit by the side of the road to snowdin. the owner of the base, Niko (not the admin) accuses me of raiding without advert. i say "hold up, let me check something" so i go to the forums and yup, "Adverting Raid/Mug/Kidnap: No, this is unnecessary, tedious, pointless, and stupid." so i go back and i try to tell them that adverting raids is not needed, but by then im already warned. so i go back to nikos base and he shoots me again, i act in self defense and this happens a few more times. everytime i kill him, hes the one who instigated. then im pulled into another admin sit by mr skull, niko accuses me of raiding without advert , i bring up that its not required and he shoots first everytime we meet but they dont care and im banned for 2 days. everything i did was ok within the rules.20190102230832_1.jpg
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STEAM_0:0:57916319 is my steam id
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January 6, 2019

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yo buddy u were banned for a reason
non adverting raids
not listening to admins
and guess what you kept killing me because "I didn't let you in my base"...
so this is just false
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oh and by the way you fired at me first and I was trying to get my base back
and I wasn't taunting you you were just throwing a fit because you weren't allowed in


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July 6, 2018
Closing post since you're already unbanned as the time of your ban has expired.
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