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October 13, 2018
Brazil, São Paulo
Real life name is Lucas.

Real life chronological age is 14 years.

Real life location is Brazil, São Paulo.

Real life timezone is UTC -8 (United States Pacific Time).

In-game name is GP128.

SteamID (Generic) is STEAM_0:0:437319738.

First encounter with UndertaleRP was on February 14, 2018.

In-game hours played is 600 hours.

I know i aready say that and i gonna repeat : :I wanna help this server, i wanna help keeping this server good, i'll do what is necessary to do, If someone dont follow the rules, i gonna teach people to follow then, try keep staff abusers in the line, i enjoy playing this server, and i i'll enjoy helping the server, without regretting, i have been in this server for so long i would say : it has been a great experience, thank you for reading.

Staff disrespect Nothing, i don't care what people say about me

Minor offense Officially warn them with !warn [player]

Closing statement
Very Nice

Burnt Bologna

You have been staff before, and do to your activity lately, you have been causing problems to the server due to you having 25 warns so far, I don't you think you are qualfied to be staff again
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