👍🏻 Accepted fansnake - In-game name Stepan

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March 28, 2019
Real life name is Stepan.

Real life chronological age is 13 years.

Real life location is Russia.

Real life timezone is UTC +3.

In-game name is bigfatsnack,previosly fansnake1.

SteamID (Generic) is STEAM_0:0:106649731.

First encounter with UndertaleRP was on October 24, 2017.

In-game hours played is 297 hours.

I have played the server for more than a year, had experience being staff on it before.
I have seen lots of RDM there lately,mostly when staff is offline though.

Staff disrespect I would politely ask them to shut their mouth,if they will keep going and ignore that warning - warn.

Minor offense Bring them to a sit for a longer discussion or investigation into behavior

Closing statement
I am not really sure what to say here,but I think that I meet all the requirements to become staff.I have started joining it a lot more in past week,and I like it more and mroe everyday,so I wish to make it even better server to play in.
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I forgot to add the account I was using before on server so I will just add it here: Steam Community :: fansnake1 (https://steamcommunity.com/id/attackhelicopter)
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So apparently I realised that I've made a mistake while doing this,and typed my actual gmod hours instead of server hours. (the actual server hours are 40,without my other account)
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March 28, 2019
Should become staff because he is kind to people and I can tell he really wants to be staff so I hope you do.

Burnt Bologna

Very good reasons,and you have enough reactions including me, welcome to the staff team.
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