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January 1, 2009
Instructions and expectations for Staff members of the Republic


Do you want to submit a 📝 Staff Application in order to propose yourself as a Staff member beginning at the rank of "Helper" in our 🌆 DarkRP server?

If yes, you agree with and understand the Staff Charter with full confidence, solidarity, and without exception, you may be staff to both our satisfaction. Proceed to the bottom portion of this thread.

If no, you disagree with or do not comprehend any part or all of the Staff Charter, you do not want to be staff. Discontinue reading this thread.
If you continue regardless, you will lose all passion, motivation, and confidence in the value of this community and the server.

You will eventually find a reason to resign and leave. It doesn't matter how, when, or why, your subconscious will develop an excuse to do so in order to cope with the loss of the community and server you originally came here for when you inevitably leave.
Your drive to be independent, powerful and effective at enacting change around you as a Staff will be the same drive that will cause you to resent or at the very least lose interest in us.
Where you once saw an ideal image to follow a competent leadership, you will eventually see something equal to you and in such a scenario, you will come to despise it because your mind instinctively wishes to test its limits.
The justification will come in the form of a silent or vocal disagreement on the fundamentals of some major subject related to us, whether that is life, the server, our values, the leadership, or anything your brain will fabricate in its constant subconscious and unaware probing for wrongs. This disagreement may range anywhere from "what the server is about" to "the rights and wrongs of life and society".
You will then either silently disappear as you slowly or suddenly become inactive, or you will announce either privately or publicly that you resign, whether with stated good intentions or negative intentions, it's the bad ending to your story here and the inevitable outcome of a staff who does not or cannot co-exist with the core community.
You will then have an urge to return, whether out of boredom, regret, or nostalgic instinct. You will reason that because you have lost staff and left, you cannot return, it will not be the same, it is too late, or a fear that a negative scenario will repeat itself.

This is a critical flaw in human nature, and not everyone is immune to the vicious cycle of self-questioning and phases in our life that makes us weak-minded and vulnerable to mistakes, to negative suggestion.
This is a pattern that has been observed in many dozens of flavors in a few hundred highly-involved members and staff since 2009, the first iteration of the community.

Be relieved and relaxed. If you've never had, don't have, or have eliminated this fatal paradox of a pattern in your mind, and if you agree with and understand the Staff Charter, none of the above applies to you in any capacity, and we will thrive and grow together.


Staff Charter of the Republic
Completely unwritten as of 6 AM on March 9, 2019. Be loyal, be trustworthy, be passionate and skilled. Our standards are low right now.

Staff Application Instructions
Click "Submit Application" in the thread list, it's a meme you dip. Shoutout to Simpleflips.
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