Banned for Minge

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Kykio (Kris)

New member
July 3, 2019
United States
I do believe this ban was just. It was 1 AM, I was drunk, and the server was empty.
(Full ban reason)
What happened exactly?
Well I found two random players on a pretty much empty server.
They were "Tumble Weed" and "Corn In My PP"
(All of this is fuzzy beyond this point so i'll try my best)
I was messing around on the server. When they started harassing this guy (I don't remember his name)
Me being drunk just went along with it putting wanted marks on him as an Asgore. We eventually got caught.
Banned justly and Banned from the discord for some reason since we were on a call there.
(I'm guessing Smurf found us annoying?)

Anyway. There's all I remember.