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February 18, 2019
United States
(Is this the Right Format?)

Your RP (In-Game) Name: Cardboard

Your Steam Name: MyoriginalnamewasEdd

Your Real Name *Just First Name*: Colton

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:418230275 (64: 76561198796726278 )

Where are you from (Country)?: U.S.A.

What is your current time zone?: Eastern Standard Time

How old are you?: 15

Have you ever been an administrator/position of rank on our/another server?: No (Another Server Yes)

What is your playtime on the Server? (1-2 Days Preferred): 25 Hours (Almost 26?)

How many warns do you have total + active warns?: 0 total , 0 active

Are you sure you're applying for the right reason?: Yes

Why should we accept your application (minimum 50 words)?: I think that I could help the server's Moderation And Help The Community Out To (Its Decent).

Do you have Discord?: Yes (My User Is Epic Mario)

Have you ever been kicked or banned on our server or any(If so, why)?: No I Have Never Been Kicked/Banned In Your Server Or Any.

Do you have a Microphone?: Yes (Can Be Crappy Though)

How many hours can you be on in a week?: Weekdays: 3-5 Hours. Weekends: 4-10 Hours. Week: Around 40-70

Can you do anything else for UndertaleRP?: I can keep the server moderated and Fun For Everyone.

Do you meet all the requirements?: Yes

Other information you would like to tell us (Optional)?: I Support the Server Whenever I can and Know How to deal with Situations that are Ridiculous and/or Bad Enough.


Q 1: What Is RDM? (Leave an example):
Random Murder. Playing as Sans And Killing People Around You.
Q 2: What Is RDA? (Leave an example):
Random Arrest. Arresting someone who's jumping Around or Someone who is AFK.
Q 3: What Is FailRP? (Leave an example):
FailRP is failing to stick to your in-game/in-roleplay Character. Playing as a Undying and Being Like Sans is FailRP in its basic terms.
Q 4: What do you do if a player randomly kills two other players? (2-5 sentences):
You Freeze Them And then Question Them. Then you hand Them a Warning And If Repeated Or Killed a Lot of people Hand them a Day Ban Or More.
Q 5: What do you do if a player prop climbs? (2-5 sentences):
First Freeze them And then Question Them about why are they prop climbing. Then Hand them a warn Unless Not Complying Then The Situation will escalate To Admins/Adv. Mods.
Q 6: What should happen if a player commits FailRP? (2-5 sentences):
First You Question Them/Player. Then You Freeze The Player/them. Steps can be Flipped (1 and 2). Then You Hand them a Warning.


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July 6, 2018
I think you could improve your wording and your responses, I'm glad you bothered to apply but it looks like you just kinda sat there and wrote it sloppy on purpose. You can always try again!
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