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December 22, 2018
so i was watching a streamer twitch.tv/xdata22

And a admin thought we were trying to raid the server and me being a moderator on his twitch and the mass rdm was me going for attempted rdm to revenge his ban for no reason and he was recently unbanned and his ban was perm for minge before and mine was also a perm ban and i am sorry for the attempted rdm but the ban i got was way more then what the viewers got i hope i get unbanned because data and the viewers were having a lot of fun on this server until we got perm banned which is a lot mass rdm goes for a week ban in most servers and minge would be like 3 days so i understand but i feel the perm was not necessary so thats why i put it in admin abuse 3 viewers got banned for week and we were trying to have fun on the server and had no intent on doing minge
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and now data is banned for perm great
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for perm


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January 6, 2019
First of all, holy fuck, your report is almost impossible to read properly. Punctuation my dude.

As for your report, I can see what you mean considering the perm ban being a long time. In your eyes. But consider that, if people find the stream in question and it does turn out to be a ā€œhaha look its undertale more like underFAIL lets raid itā€ kind of thing, then you and your friends rightfully deserve to be permabanned on the simple account that you broke our most important rule: Donā€™t ruin each otherā€™s fun.
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Adding to my post, the fact you got banned for a longer time (although permaban is as long as a permaban but ok) has most likely to do with you being worse than your ā€˜friendsā€™
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