Law of the Land
gmod.VapeNation.biz DarkRP Rules

This is a NON-SERIOUS DarkRP, but we have some rules.

None of this is TOO complicated, so please remember these rules and do your best to comply with what's expected.
We're NOT trying to kill your fun, we're trying to KEEP things fun by having reasonable limits and guidelines for how things work in VapeNation! Thanks.
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Admin Promotion and Demotion

Staying true to the Vape? Do you want to be one with and of the Vape?

We do need help, we need Admins.
We are aware of the heretics and naysayers of Glen and his Church of Vape.

Will you make it your duty to keep our DarkRP safe, stable, and minge-free from these apostates?
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Vapist's Town Hall

Discussion on the Vape!

Questions, comments, and suggestions for the Vape.

Beware the cigarette lizard people who spread lies of Glen and his Church of Vape.
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Please note, this UGLY forum is temporary!

It was just an experiment in late 2016. Read the footer of this website for details.
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This forum is derived from Glen's previous experiment, "VapeNation (Republic, 10/2016)".
It is Glen's intention to migrate the latest data of this forum to a new, higher standard forum when XenForo 2.0 releases.
Therefore, this forum design is temporary, but your data will always be retained.