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Counter Strike: Source Content for Garry's Mod

✔️ Official Download Counter Strike: Source Content for Garry's Mod

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Counter Strike: Source Models, Materials, Sounds and Maps for Garry's Mod

Prevents errors and missing textures in Garry's Mod maps and gamemodes that use CS:S

  1. Download
  2. Select your extracted "css" folder and press CTRL+X (cut)
  3. Open your Garry's Mod installation directory, you can do this by navigating to Steam > Library > Right Click Garry's Mod > Properties... > Browse Local Files
  4. In the Garry's Mod installation directory, navigate to garrysmod/addons (the Addons directory)
  5. Inside the Addons directory, press CTRL+V (paste)
  6. Installation complete
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Latest reviews

Nice, I just finished the steam guide to follow this
Father Anderson
Father Anderson
It didn't get many views so far. :(
Installed to my gmod addons to prevent texture errors on most maps.
Father Anderson
Father Anderson
Especially for DarkRP!